Wednesday, December 11, 2013


A REAL story behind blogging...

Chronicling my personal style is difficult at times.
I have recently made a commitment to engage in more social media so I can grow my blog readership.
My small circle, (in real life), tells me I have talent.
I want to showcase these abilities and I’m tired of being afraid of doing so.

I am cognizant of the fact that I must update my content regularly.
That means taking pictures more often.
Which entails finding places that are somewhat secluded, but also out in the open enough to get a good shot.
[ I can’t tell you how many times I’ve taken photos and people have stopped me and asked me what I am doing…or…slowed down to take a peek at what I was doing out of curiosity.]

Since I self-photograph, I don’t get it right all the time.
I.E. Trial & Error.
I get my camera, set it up on my tripod, adjust the settings, press the shutter button, pose, only to check my shots and they come out like this….


It seems that the pictures with the most potential are the ones that come out too blurry or too dark. …The ones that I also cannot selvage with editing. 

This day was one of these days where my initial location didn’t work for me.
I felt like giving up.
 But I packed up my equipment, relocated and found this.

Even then some of my pics didn’t turn out as planned, but I got some good shots as well.

Then all of a sudden it was all worth it.

Blogging isn’t easy.
It’s a lot of work.
But it’s something I enjoy so even through frustration, I continue to work to produce content I can be proud of.

Earrings: Vintage, Thrifted/ Camo Jacket: J.C.Penny A.N.A. Brand/Peplum Tee: Melrose/Boyfriend Jeans: The Gap Premium Jeans/Leopard Loafers: The Avenue/ Bag: Big Budda via Ross

So, have you had to overcome any hardships lately?  


  1. So very true...people don't understand how much work it can be. I only post one outfit a week and it's still a struggle sometimes to get motivated to do a shoot. I know all too well the blurry/dark photos struggle and that's WITH a photographer so I can't imagine doing it all on my own. Hopefully with a better camera next year that will change. You are one of my favorite bloggers not only for your style but for your candid blog posts. I am very private and don't reveal a lot over social media about my personal life but I envy your courage to share your stories with complete strangers and I really think it's amazing that you do all your own photos and they come out amazing as they do. ♥ ya chicka!! I wish you much success in growing your readership!!!

  2. Yay for you venturing out to other areas of social media!! Now that we have you on FB, I hope to see you on Instagram one day soon (where I spend the majority of my time) =)

    People who don't blog have no idea how time consuming it can be. My priorities have shifted greatly, and I've slacked off so much that I'm not even sure I can "come back"!! I do miss it though, and I love your posts so much that I live my blogger life vicariously through you! LOL!

    You do have a gift with words, and your pictures draw me in every time. Keep pushing, and good luck with everything that you want to do!!

    PS, the jacket, the shoes, the top... love it all!!

  3. Thank you both! I just love what I do! I'm glad you both are able to witness it! Thanks for your unconditional support and encouragement!